Sunday, 22 June 2008

On the road to Indonisia

On the road again, since the WCT Quiksilver Pro 08 on the Gold Coast, I have been travelling around Australia.
Left the Gold Coast to bells Beach, visiting friends and all the surfables waves on the east coast. At my company, Neco Padaratz, my good friend, funnie guy to travel with...simple, energetic, always wants to be on the water...
We arrived at bells, a couple weeks before the Rip Curl Pro start, we scored some great perfect waves at Bird Rock and Winkipop, was so fun.
Finished the contest I stay at Bells for a couple more weeks, getting some great surfing at south east coat of Australia. After 2 weeks of a lot of good wines and BBq with friends, was time to get on the road again, me and Lilli, made an great trip till Perth, after almost 5.000km cruizing the south and west coast of Australia, surfing all the best breaks between Cactus beach till Margaret River... Was such an adventure crossing thru the Australia south Desert...Stay in Margaret and Perth for another month, just surfing and getting some local knowlodge of ridding some bigger and powerfull Australian waves.
After tha, received the offer to start a chef job at Kandui Resort, at Playgrounds area on the mentawais, the Resort has been operated inb the last 3 years and located right in the middle of the most powerfull waves on the mentawais, Kandui Left and Riffles has to be one of the most perfect waves on the world...Hideways, Ebay, Bankvaults can have its days, and can blow your mind...for the ones looking for easy ride waves, better check 4 bobs, Nipussy and Beng-Beng on the low tide, can be pretty fun.
Well I come up with some more infos on my trips, and hope my brother Ed tell us where is him on at the moment...I reckon at perth on the West Australian coast...
Take care, speak soon...Namaste !!!

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ICE said...

Guto getting live with sl9er and the boys at kandui.